Restaurant Web design Surrey - A labour of love?

Cafe Class - Italian Restaurant
Cafe Class is an authentic Italian family run restaurant in Woking situated 100 yards on the right as you exit  the railway station towards the town centre .
It's not part of a chain and has a refreshing quirkiness about it.
Established in 2013 the restaurant has 120 covers and boasts a separate Prosecco Lounge situated on the lower floor ideal for private parties, receptions and meetings catering for up to 120 people.

The menu delivers all the expected staples of a good italian restaurant, but there is such a passion for food shared by Domenico and Filippa Minardi and Head Chef Giovanni that culminates in a continuously evolving array of specials that are additional to the published menu.
Experience some truly gorgeous flavours and drink wine served at a perfect temperature from an equally impressive wine list. 
Macchiatto Coffee
Design of restaurant home page
Seriously early shopping

They go shopping in the very early hours to Smithfield and Covent garden markets picking out produce from the vast array at hand to bring specials to the menu that maybe on the menu for 3 days, maybe five and when it's gone, it's gone.

The Deli
To add to the mix they operate a delicatessen a mile and a half away in Horsell, Woking where they bake their own bread, ciabatta, focaccia, cakes and pastries on the premises.
Food that really whets your apetite

The fundamental nature of the delicatessen means that whiskey soaked cheese, gorgonzola-mascarpone, three different types of pecorino, artichokes, olives and sun dried tomatoes immersed in virgin olive oil and pasta varieties that you rarely encounter end up participating in the salads and aperitivo at both the restarant and the delicatessen.
The secret ingredient
Gary Rhodes, in his book "Sweet Dreams" described spending two days at a restaurant in New York called Junior's, known all over the USA predominantly for it's American Cheesecake.
He begged and cajoled them to give him the recipe, but felt that perhaps they had omitted the secret ingredient.
It's a bit like that when a steaming bowl of seafood pasta is placed in front of you at Cafe Class, you go home, try to replicate it and it's all really quite sad!
The website

We find that a lot of restaurant websites give the fundamental information, the name , introduction , location and the menu's are in many instances only available in PDF format. 
Especially with the advent of mobile responsive websites and the typically short attention span, our approach where possible is to remove obstacles and make website information as accessible as possible.
We also want to try and project a "flavour" of the business and highlight the different aspects and delights of the business. 
Food is such an individual thing, so to elaborate is to try and cover all the bases.
Content Management System

There is a content management system that addresses virtually all of the website and is devised to keep the search engines up to speed as to the categorisation and indexation of the website subject matter and it's location.

Replacing a 3 year old static desktop website we retained the existing logo and background as it prevails through the operation.
The “call to action” of “Book a table” is featured prominently and after a month bookings have come in from day one at an unprecedented rate, the restaurant is fully booked at New year and bookings for 2018 are populating the diary.
The words “I wish I had done this three years ago” have been uttered and that’s good enough for me and my team.
but....... 'He is a perfectionist and as soon as the website went live our bookings tripled overnight. We were blown away in how a website could have turned a business around in just a short space of time"
The lunch menu