Norwich Hypnotherapy Practice

John Plester has worked with Paul McKenna and is recommended by the top creators and pioneers of the fields that he works in, Dr Roger Callahan for TFT, Dr Richard Bandler for NLP and Paul McKenna for NLP and Hypnotherapy.

We wanted to give the website a very clean look, with a no nonsense approach showing the services available.

Because of the confidential nature of the work that John does, "one to one" testimonials can not be shown to demonstrate the appreciation effectiveness of his services. However as an advanced qualified trainer, his training skills and testimonials in that respect can be shown. We developed a logo that could be used to reflect each of the disciplnes of John's profession without compromsing the brand or effectiveness.

Website Structure

Each element of the website can be edited by a bespoke easy to use content management system.

The website is mobile responsive.


"Bill and the team at Web Intelligent have put together a great updated mobile friendly website that has served my existing clients well with a new integrated resource section and has generated more new business and an improved ranking within search engines. Great job done. Thank you."
John Plester Jun 2016
Norwich Hypnotherapy Practice