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Portable Event Toilets
Web Design for Essential Loo Hire Ltd
Essential Loo Hire Ltd do exactly what their title suggests; hiring out and maintaining portable, self contained fully stocked toilets that can be connected to the mains systems or operate independently of drainage facilities, power or water supplies.
They provide facilities to fetes, sporting venues and events such as marathons, visitor attractions, construction sites, weddings, pop up restaurants, when the builders are putting a extension on your home and to unplanned emergencies when the plumbing is not performing quite as it should.
We knew we weren’t in the glamour business, but that quite a lot people want to powder their nose and that everybody we know uses a toilet.


When Faye Conley initially approached us to help with the website, it was two years old, languishing with poor conversion, relatively high ongoing costs and business was being procured principally by word of mouth.
There was not much in the way of any meaningful website analytics available.
The website was a desktop website in that it it didn't relate to mobile phones users.
A visitor to the website using a mobile phone would have to scroll horizontally as well as vertically to get information and was more likely to leave the website than persevere though on a desktop it worked perfectly and rendered well on an IPAD  or tablet with a decent size screen.
In summary it was not a good, nor cost effective vehicle to grow the business.
Portable toilets for hire
Mobile responsive website design for a Surrey based portable toilet hire company
Reversing the fortunes of a poorly performing website
The site was static, in that it had no content management system (CMS) enabling the easy addition of content, nor did it have a news section.
The essence of having a content management system and just as importantly website monitoring analytics installed is to be able to:  
  • easily access and manage the site 24hrs a day yourself - no coding skills required
  • be reactive to feedback from the website visitor analysis
  • be proactive in engaging with your potential site visitors
  • have the confidence to really use your website as the marketing vehicle it is
Apart from that if the phone lines go down, you are extending your opening hours, have a special offer to communicate or are updating available car parking facilities, it's nice to keep customers informed.

  • We looked at the competition, the market and the sectors within that market
  • We looked at Essential Loo Hire
  • We identified essential information required by the end user to make an informed decision
We maintained the existing livery associated with Essential Loo Hire aligning with existing letterheads, vehicle livery and signage.
We progressed to develop a mobile friendly website for the public and a mobile friendly content management system.


The website is now streets ahead of what it was, developed to be an effective marketing vehicle based on research and established goals and objectives. We didn't throw the kitchen sink at it, but used resource commensurate with outcome. It has an established strategy to develop business.
Websites that work

The website has been designed to compete in the market place and grow an established business.
As with all websites it has to be monitored and allowed to settle to establish where it ranks against the competition and it's prominence in its own market sector and operational area. Further to a short period of monitoring next steps outside of the existing strategy can be considered.

Significantly it has the potential and resource to be an effective marketing vehicle and it embraces the mobile phone user which at a single stroke can more than double its market access.

The website is well structured to provide definitive information for indexation purposes to Google and the search engines and equally importantly to the visitor it provides decision making information and allows just one click on the phone number to connect to Faye and her team.
Reversing the fortunes of a poorly performing website