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Oaklea Builders are an established professional company and needed a website to promote them as more than just a building contractor.
The skillsets, expertise and experience they bring to bear are focused on delivering an enhanced lifestyle  through design and architecture.
As well as the construction of new-build or the refurbishment of residential properties that includes decoration, bespoke design fixtures and fittings, they also landscape.
Oaklea partnered with Webintelligent to design and develop a fully responsive website to reflect their increasing portfolio of properties and the services they offer.
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Refreshingly quick
If we measure Oakleabuilders.com against the widely-accepted 2-second load time benchmark, it's refreshing to see it coming in under half a second.
The website has a content management system, so that projects, news and services content can be loaded with ease and it allows and prompts for all that useful stuff like meta tags and descriptions so that the site gets indexed correctly by the search engines. 

Just because there is space, does not mean that it has to be filled.

The website doesn't have a minimalist feel, but the thinking behind the site was to let the images of the property interiors and development do the talking.

There is an ample amount of white space allowing the imagery to exist in isolation to deliver an ambience.

The actual properties themselves are all about lifestyle and about space reflecting on the fact that most of the properties are increasing the available living space far in excess of the original habitable space.

Content management system