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Diamond Anvils is a site operated by Almax easyLab Ltd

They produce and supply high quality diamond anvils and high pressure research consumables and accessories to scientists worldwide.

This website was developed in 2010 and at the time we jumped through more than a few hoops and went back to the drawing board more than a couple of times to get it right.

Customised multi-stage product build

The website visitor can choose from multiple options in a customer journey where your product is compiled (and reduced as you sample the product variations and respective pricing) with some product features being dependent on the pre-selection of a primary feature and priced on the fly.

There is the option to add accessory products to the basket which relate to the choice of products already in the shopping basket.

Automated Selling Up

The shopping basket features discounts triggered by basket totals which will then offer a greater % discount if you spend another fixed sum of money. As the visitor exceeds a specified shopping basket total, then a further "target" is presented with the discount reward.

The discount levels and multiple basket trigger points where offers to spend a further defined amount to qualify for an overall discount can be set as required in the Content Management System (CMS) 

General Content Management

The CMS allows for 95% of the website content to be amended in addition to the core product sales, such as "About Us", "News" which will be dislayed by most recent publishing date first, FAQ's and Technical articles and associated imagery.

The site is SEO friendly. 

Product Specification Composition

The CMS allows the creation of new product categories and sub categories.

The CMS allows the creation of new products as:

  • A single feature product with a single price.
  • With dual selections such as product + colour variation + size variation each of which is price sensitive.
  • A progressive stage by stage customer journey with multiple options and additons at each stage before continuing to the next stage of the product build.
  • A standard templated composition of features that are common to many of the multi faceted products on offer that can be inserted into the product compilation journey.

Products can feature in multiple categories

The CMS facilitates the placement of products in single or multiple categories, so it could feature in the anticipated "Product Type" category, but also be included in the "Special Offers" or "Clearance Corner" categories.

Dynamic Shipping Rates

The cost of shipping, broken down into UK first and second class delivery and international delivery, can be amended per kilogram or part thereof from within the CMS.

Dynamic Currency Exchange

The pricing of the products is available in US Dollars, Sterling and Euros which is tied into a currency pegging system with the option to reflect currency fluctuations or adopt manual currency interventions.



System Information & Reporting

The ecommerce transactions are recorded and accorded a delivery status ( "acknowledged",  "In Progress" Despatched") The system allows for a range of information dissemination.

Google Analytics is deployed.

The nearest example of this website that we can relate to is the Dell Computers website where you can select the type of PC you wanted and then decide on which variable component to add to it, i.e. a 50, 80 or 100 GB hard drive, the type of CPU chip, the amount of ram, colour, printer, cable or wireless mouse all the while adding to your shopping basket and of course changing your mind and the shopping basket reflecting the changes.

Web Services:

Web Development Strategy, Design, Bespoke Ecommerce modular system, Web design, Bespoke Content Management and Information/reporting systems, SEO