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Website development

Surrey based Training company Expressions Partnership offers Management Development, Leadership, Team building and business skills training courses.

In this, the second website we have developed for Simon Thorpe and the team, we wanted to get across the variety of courses, both classroom based and a combination of academic and outdoor teaching modules that embrace and develop people of all ages and from a cross section of businesses.
The use of imagery and videos denoting involvement, teamwork, being part of a winning team and individual acheivement has, we think, acheived this.

Website development
The website content management system (CMS) is really easy to use and it is extensive. 
We started out with conventional fixed templates of what is involved in typical course content and then we threw it all away and started again.

Now each course and it's content can be created in the CMS with as many modules as is required. In addition courses can be supported by images, videos and testimonials giving the site visitor all the specific course information and more of an insight into the course experience as well as whether the course is bespoke and delivered "in house" or publicly scheduled with location, travel and dietery information.


"In the current business world where appropriate exposure to prospective customers is key for survival and growth we have worked with Bill and the team for a number of years and have always been thoroughly delighted. 

Some web development organisations simply build a site and charge a lot for this standalone service. Web Intelligent make it their mission to understand your business, it's current and future expectations and align their advice and services to your priorities. 

They have taken ownership of our digital footprint yet given us virtually full access to every update opportunity so we are always in control. 

Even after the recent website completion, we're getting valuable advice and guidance. If you want a trusted business marketing adviser then look no further than Web Intelligent, you'll be impressed. "


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