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24 June 2016

If you think you may need some therapy, counselling, coaching or hypnotherapy after last nights EU referendum, which, let's face it, suprised even the most strident advocates of the "Leave' campaign, then fear not, help is at hand.

One to one courses, in person and using skype

To restore some equilibrium and perspective to your current circumstances, you may wish to take advantage of the services of John Plester, the Principal Tutor for the East Anglian Institute of Hypnotherapy.

Could you get a better recommendation than this?

John has worked with worked with and been referred clients by the worlds most famous hypnotherapist, Paul McKenna.

John is recommended by the top creators and pioneers of the fields that he works in, Dr Roger Callahan for TFT, Dr Richard Bandler for NLP and Paul McKenna for NLP and Hypnotherapy.

Visit his recently redesigned website at


The result of the referendum was 52% leave to 48% remain, a 4% difference. 


Sorry we are not therapists, but we do understand about promoting your business

Web Intelligent won't be able to give you any therapy, but what we can do is design and develop your marketing machine to grow your business.

If you think that sounds like good counsel, get in touch!





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