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12 December 2017

When asked to have a look at taking on a website that had been established for two years with not much to show for it and making it into a veritable marketing machine we poo pooed the idea initially.(Sorry, had to do that)

We migrated the site to our own servers amended the DNS to point towards our server
We restructured the website making it mobile friendly and we gave it a content management system that was also mobile friendly so that you can add content to it whulst on the go from your mobilke phone if you like..
We took relatively static pages and made them dynamic and expanded the website so it flowed.....
To be honest we didn't go overboard, but worked in a fairly logical manner and then we launched the site.
Three weeks later we checked the progress of the website after it had time to settle.
We had submitted the xml sitemap and indexed the pages previously and then after benchmarking the website we made some adjustments to augment it's progress and resubmitted it.
We like to keep in touch, with our clients because it's not how pretty a website is though design counts in a big way(beauty is in the eye of the beholder) but how effective it is.
And of course when they win we can write news items like this and then other people might think that we know a thing or two and would quite like the same level of expertise applied to their website and online marketing presence.
Doubled the business
You might be forgiven that I am talking about  100% Traffic increase, but no, this is 100% business increase.
We're not pulling your chain! Honest.
After four months the customer numbers had doubled and significant further investment was made in "plant" for further expansion.
We've kept the lid on it for a while, but thought we ought to roll it out to you
It's not that often that customers pause just for a moment and contemplate asking us to block the website because they are too busy.
Well we are just flushed with pride.
Thats a king size flush....not a little flush.


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